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Teachers as Learning Leaders (T.A.L.L.) Colorado

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Teach Plus, in partnership with three local teacher associations, Brighton Education Association, SD 14 Classroom Teachers’ Association(Commerce City), and District Twelve Educators’ Association are excited to announce the launch of Teachers as Learning Leaders(T.A.L.L.), a teacher-led professional learning series. 

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T.A.L.L. Initiative

The Challenge

Implementing the Common Core State Standards creates a significant instructional shift for teachers and students. As your association, we want to make sure we are providing our members with the supports they need to be exceptional teachers. We are partnering with Teach Plus because they believe that empowering exceptional teachers, and leveraging their expertise in Common Core implementation, is the best way to promote teacher effectiveness and student achievement.

The Solution

T.A.L.L. is a teacher-led professional learning series where teachers collaboratively learn from each other about the effective implementation of their state standards. 

The Results

Teach Plus runs this program at different sites across the country and calls it “C2.” The C2 Initiative offers high success rates in effectively training teachers in Chicago, Boston, Washington D.C., and Memphis. 

Having professionals teaching their peers is an awesome approach to increasing collaboration, networking, and communication between schools and positions within the schools. - T.A.L.L. Teacher Participant, Spring ‘16

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Apply to be an Association Member

If you would like more information about becoming an association member, which is a requirement to be a Teacher Leader in T.A.L.L., email your association President:

Brighton Education Association, President Jill Nguyen, 

SD 14 Classroom Teachers’ Association( Commerce City), President Barb McDowell,

District Twelve Educators’ Association, President Lori Goldstein,