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California Executive Director

Los Angeles, Sacramento, or the Bay Area
The mission of Teach Plus is to empower excellent, experienced teachers to take leadership over key policy and practice issues that affect their students’ success. The organization recruits and selects expert teachers to advance policy changes and improve instructional leadership and teacher supports, trains and coaches teacher leaders to successfully mobilize and lead teacher teams, and empowers teacher leaders to be change agents among their peers and policy makers. Since 2009, Teach Plus has trained thousands of teacher leaders who are driving policy changes to create a more performance-based teaching profession, and are improving the instructional practices of teachers to better serve all students. Teach Plus currently operates in 11 regions across the country.  
Teach Plus focuses on leadership opportunities that allow teachers to make an impact across several issue areas: 
  • Performance-driven talent systems and practices such as strong evaluation systems, modern compensation systems, and tenure reform;
  • Effective teacher leadership roles and structures that create and sustain transformative change in schools;
  • Quality teacher preparation and professional development that ensure teachers and teacher leaders are equipped to succeed in their roles;
  • High K-12 academic standards and meaningful assessments that enable teachers to understand and measure student performance;
  • Access and equity approaches that ensure high-needs students have access to excellent teachers; and
  • Next-generation unions that prioritize student success and lead in elevating the profession. 
Teach Plus is having real impact and has a track record of ensuring that teacher advocacy results in improved policies and supports in schools and districts. The organization’s work has led to: improvements in federal and state policies, as well as local teachers’ contracts; new programming to increase high-needs students’ access to strong teachers; nationally significant teacher-driven reports; and greater media attention to the voice of reform-minded teachers. What’s more, Teach Plus attracts top talent internally: bright and relentlessly focused professionals with a deep commitment to Teach Plus’s mission and to each other. Together, they have given the field dozens of proof points that demonstrate how teacher leaders can be highly valuable, solutions-oriented partners in discussions about policy, and established Teach Plus as a sector leader at the district, state, federal  and union levels and, above all, among teachers themselves. 
Teach Plus is seeking a strategic, visionary Executive Director with a passion for education policy to lead its California region. The Executive Director will have overall management responsibility for running the State Fellowship program and legislative advocacy work, deepening teacher-led professional development, and building partnerships and relationships in the California education community – all with a particular emphasis on expanding the funding base. 
Teach Plus has gained a lot of momentum with its statewide strategy in California. In the past, Teach Plus was focused on local and district policy; however, the environment in California has been ripe for state level change. As a result, Teach Plus has significantly impacted education policy. By building out a strong state fellowship program in 30 key legislative districts and recruiting, training, and connecting teacher constituents to policymakers, Teach Plus has provided fellows with an opportunity to craft legislation, testify before state legislative committees and the State Board of Education, meet with state legislators, lead press conferences, and write op-eds. For the first time, teachers are a regular, credible, and influential presence in Sacramento. 
The incoming Executive Director will be well positioned to expand the fellowship and take on other issues that teachers are passionate about that could be layered into the existing work. S/he will lead a small team and together continue to elevate teacher voice and create additional opportunities for teacher leaders to engage on critical policy issues. 
You can read more about the California region and its strategy here.
The Executive Director will be expected to set the overall vision and strategy for the California region and manage a team towards that vision. Specifically, s/he will further the work by continuing to:
Create policy focused change in California
The Executive Director will serve as the face of Teach Plus California and build relationships that enable teachers to have an impact on critical policy issues, by:
  • Establishing strong relationships and effective partnerships between Teach Plus, state education leaders, local districts, and other local educational organizations;
  • Building a strong advisory board and network of strategic partners to ensure that Teach Plus maximizes its impact in California; and
  • Writing op-eds, connecting teachers to media contacts, and actively pursuing opportunities for Teach Plus teachers to showcase their work and ideas.
Activate a growing network of teacher leaders
The Executive Director will develop the skills of a cohort of teacher leaders to engage in policy and advocacy discussions at the state level and create a broad community of reform-minded teachers to bring teacher voice to influence district policies, through:
  • Successfully managing the California State Fellows Program, which includes:
    • Recruiting and selecting a cohort of up to 60 outstanding teachers in key legislative districts;
    • Delivering high-quality program content (including assigned readings, lectures, guest speakers, group discussions, and working groups), providing Fellows with an understanding of policy and research, advocacy tools, and opportunities to develop, present, and advocate for their ideas;
    • Supporting Fellows as they develop and disseminate their proposals for policy changes at the state level; and
    • Engaging and communicating with alumni to support them in continuing to actively pursue reforms.
  • Building the T+ Network by organizing a series of events to inform and engage a critical mass of teacher voice to influence policy, which includes ensuring the advocacy work and voice of the California/Los Angeles Fellows, alumni, and other teachers is impactful, influential, and credible.  
Ensure the Long Term Viability and Sustainability of the California Programs
The Executive Director will manage the team and the budget. S/he will grow funding relationships in California, by:
  • Maintaining and managing relationships with statewide and local funding sources; and
  • Strategically diversifying the funding base, increasing the number of local and individual philanthropic leaders who know and support Teach Plus’s work.
Participate in organization-wide learning and growth
The Executive Director will collaborate with Teach Plus national staff and other Teach Plus sites, to: 
  • Maximize learning across sites; 
  • Ensure quality and high standards; and 
  • Create momentum for a national voice of reform-minded teachers.
The ideal candidate will be a strategic visionary with deep knowledge about issues related to statewide policy-making and teacher effectiveness. S/he will be a strong external presence with the ability to be credible with a wide range of stakeholders including policymakers, funders, and teachers. Without question, the Executive Director will have a passion for elevating teacher voice in the important work of legislative policy and advocacy. 
Additionally, candidates will possess the following qualities and qualifications:
  • Experience with and understanding of California education policy issues, policy makers, and influential leaders, and the ability to build productive relationships with those individuals on behalf of Teach Plus;
  • Experience delivering high quality learning to adults as well as the ability to provide mentoring to Teaching Policy Fellows, alumni, and teachers in the Teach Plus network;
  • Experience and/or familiarity with state-level policy-making;
  • Political skills and grit to persevere in achieving policy change in a challenging, complex environment; 
  • Strong project management skills and the initiative to conceive of and complete tasks independently;
  • Understanding of national discussion about how to best develop and retain effective teacher leaders; 
  • Comfort working in an entrepreneurial environment and the willingness to contribute as needed to a growing organization;
  • Experience managing and delivering innovative programs with a focus on quality and results;
  • A results-oriented, goal-driven, teamwork approach to work; 
  • A passionate commitment to improving public education by retaining and supporting outstanding teachers in urban schools; 
  • Prior K-12 teaching experience or a significant comparable experience; and 
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
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