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Teach Plus Statement on President Trump's Federal Budget Blueprint

March 16, 2017

Boston, MA –Teach Plus Founder and CEO Coline Coggins today released the following statement in response to President Trump's federal budget blueprint:


“President Trump’s proposal to slash the Education Department’s budget by 13 percent and cut billions of dollars of support for public education will have dire consequences for our nation’s students and severely limit their access to equitable learning opportunities.  Eliminating funding for Title II, which helps states and districts hire and provide professional development for teachers, will dismantle critical efforts to improve teacher quality.  Teachers, including Teach Plus teachers who teach predominantly low-income students and students of color, have voiced strong, unequivocal support for Title II which helps build teacher effectiveness and leadership in the classroom.  


By cutting funding from Title II and other key Education Department programs, Mr. Trump ignores the voices of the constituency directly responsible for educating our kids: our nation’s teachers.  The proposal walks away from any purported commitment to a strong public education system, and we call on Congress to unequivocally reject it.”