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We recruit, train, and empower teachers to lead changes to education policy and teacher practice.

Teaching Policy

Have a voice in policy decisions that affect the teaching profession.

Teach Plus policy programs offer excellent teachers opportunities to expand their influence without leaving the classroom.

Teaching Policy Fellowship

Teach Plus' flagship Teaching Policy Fellowship is an intensive program for highly-effective teachers in policy and advocacy.

Teach Plus Online

Teach Plus Online delivers the knowledge and skills teachers need to influence policy decisions. The course is FREE and open to teachers nationwide.

Teacher Practice

Learn, lead, and collaborate to improve teacher practice and student outcomes.

Teach Plus programs foster leadership and dissemination of best practices to accelerate student achievement.

T3 Initiative

In T3, a group of teacher leaders act as school-wide change agents, leading teams of colleagues to accelerate student achievement across their school.


Through TLPL, a network of instructional teacher leadership, we connect teachers of similar grades and subjects to collaborate on improving instruction.