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TLPL California

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Los Angeles Teacher Led Professional Learning

The Challenge

Implementing the Common Core State Standards creates a significant instructional shift for teachers and students. Teach Plus Teacher Led Professional Learning (TLPL), previously known as the C2 Initiative, was founded on the belief that empowering exceptional teachers, and leveraging their expertise in Common Core implementation, is the best way to promote teacher effectiveness and student achievement.

The Solution

Teach Plus TLPL  is a teacher-led professional learning series where teachers collaboratively learn from each other about the effective implementation of their state standards. The program trains Teacher Leaders to lead a group of their peers in improving their knowledge of next generation standards, and instructional strategies and practices.
Through the teacher leaders, participants get the opportunity to significantly improve their teaching of curriculum standards and influence the quality of instruction at their schools

  • Immediate strategies, tools, and resources to apply Common Core into instruction and daily lesson plans
  • Space to collaborate, calibrate, and reflect upon instructional practices and shifts
  • In between sessions, teacher leaders connect with participating teachers through ongoing support in the form of check-ins, virtual peer observations, and conversation through Google online tools.
  • Food provided at each session and logistical support throughout the six months

The Results

58%: Increase in participants’ comfort in implement a Common Core aligned lesson in their classroom

100% of teachers who participated in a C2 course in 2016 (now TLPL) would recommend the course to their colleagues.

“This class is one that I looked forward to every Monday. I not only learned practical ideas to share with my teachers, but also had the time to go through the standard connections. Thank you!” -TLPL particiant