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T3 Initiative Pennsylvania

T3 Initiative 

Teach Plus is launching the T3 Initiative at five schools in Philadelphia including: Cayuga Elementary, James R. Lowell Elementary, Alexander K. McClure Elementary, Bayard Taylor Elementary, and B.B. Comegys School. Teachers are invited to apply to become T3 Teacher Leaders to lead their K-3 grade group team to improve literacy student outcomes. Teachers receive training, one-on-one coaching, and a $6,000 stipend for their leadership. 

What is T3?

The T3 (Turnaround Teacher Teams) Initiative is an innovative teacher leadership program for high-needs schools. Teach Plus trains and supports experienced, effective teachers to become T3 Teacher Leaders; preparing them to lead their peers in improving instructional practice and accelerating student outcomes.

How do T3 Teacher Leaders accelerate student achievement in a school?

T3 offers teachers the opportunity and training to become school-wide leaders without leaving the classroom. T3 Teacher Leaders participate in the following comprehensive professional development:

  • Skill building to develop as:
    • Purpose-driven instructional leaders
    • Skillful facilitators of adult learning
    • School-wide change agents
    • Evidence-based decision makers
  • Targeted training and support from a school-based coach who provides ongoing feedback and teacher leadership development strategies
  • Year-round collaboration and learning with their cohort of school and district based T3 Teacher Leaders
Who can become a T3 Teacher Leader?

To qualify, applicants must be appointed teachers at partner schools and have at least three years of teaching experience. They also must meet the following criteria: Have an excellent attendance and punctuality record during the last three (3) years defined as no more than eighteen (18) occasions of lateness or absences for personal illness in the last three (3) years.  A consecutive period of absence constitutes one occasion. Have no unsatisfactory documentation pending or currently on file.

What is required of a T3 Teacher Leader?

T3 Teacher Leaders:

  • Serve as full-time classroom teachers continuously improving their own practice.
  • Lead their grade group team and may participate in the school’s instructional or academic leadership team or other school leadership team.
  • Collaborate on strategic initiatives to improve K-3 literacy instruction that they identify together with colleagues and administrators.
  • Participate in professional development and collegial support to build their leadership skills, including: 
    • T3 Summer Institute (August 22-24)
    • School-based T3 cohort meetings led by school-based coach (1-2 times a month after school - time TBD)
    • Cross-school T3 network sessions (at least 3 times a year after school)
    • Weekly one-on-one coaching session (usually during a planning period)
    • Engagement in setting and measuring progress towards leadership goals for professional growth in their teacher leader role