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Featured Videos

Introducing the Boston Educators Collaborative

Teach Plus and Boston Compact team up to bring the Boston Educators Collaborative!

What Do Teachers Want Out of Teacher Prep? (Education Reform Now)

Watch this video to see a few of our teachers share their thoughts on teacher preparation.

Teachers Advocate to Fix Education Funding in Illinois

Teach Plus teachers call on Illinois policymakers to fix the state's education funding formula.

Teachers On Common Core

Riding a Hovercraft for Science (WUSA)

Watch D.C. Teaching Policy Fellowship alum Shane Donovan's class ride a hovercraft as part of a Common Core physics lesson. 

Watch Students Present Designs for Space Colonies (CBS/KCAL 9)

Watch LA Teaching Policy Fellowship alum Pam Chirichigno's class partipate in a Common Core lesson.


Watch Students Present Designs for Space Colonies (ABC)

Watch LA Teaching Policy Fellowship alum Pam Chirichigno's class particpate in a Common Core lesson.

2nd Graders Get a Headstart on College Careers (WATN)

Watch Memphis Teaching Policy Fellowship alum Melissa Collins' class participate in a common core lesson. 

Teachers on Access

Voices of T3: Teacher Leaders

Hear what some of our Teacher Leaders have to say!

Voices of T3: Anjeline, first-year teacher

See what a first-year T3 Teacher Leader thinks about the program. 

Teachers on Policy Change

Bootsie Battle-Holt's Testimony

Watch Los Angeles Teaching Policy Fellowship alumna Bootsie Battle-Holt testify before state education committee on teacher quality legislation.

Emanuel Harper's Testimony

Watch Teach Plus Board member and Indianapolis Teaching Policy Fellowship alum Emanuel Harper testify before Congress on teacher evaluation.

What I learned as a Teaching Policy Fellow

Watch Bootsie Battle-Holt discuss her experience as a 2014-15 LA Teaching Policy Fellow.

TED Talks

Those who can, teach

Watch the former Senior Executive Director of Teach Plus LA, John Lee, discuss education in this TED Talk. 

From Gangland Daughter to Star Teacher

Watch LA Teaching Policy Fellowship alum Pearl Arredondo's TED talk. 

Teachers on Assessment

Teach Plus Teachers Examine PARCC Legislative Briefing

Watch these Massachusetts Teaching Policy Fellows discuss why they think PARCC is a better test than MCAS.

Group Hopes Mass. Adopts PARCC (CBS/ WBZ 4)

Watch Executive Director Lindsay Sobel argue for the adoption of PARCC in Massachusetts. 

PBS Chicago Tonight- PARCC and Common Core

Watch Chicago Teaching Policy Fellow Sherrise Lucas discuss PARCC and the Common Core. 

PARCC Testing begins

Watch Teach Plus Chicago Executive Director Josh Kaufmann discuss our latest PARCC report on Chicago PBS.