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5DP Teacher-Led Professional Learning

A partnership between the Five District Partnership and Teach Plus

The 5DP Teacher-Led Collaboratives are a set of free teacher-led professional learning course that connect you with fellow teachers within the Five District Partnership - from Revere, Malden, Everett, Chelsea and Winthrop school districts. Together, you will share best practices and refine your instructional practice over five weeks.

What is the 5DP Collaborative?‚Äč

  • A set of University-level courses led by current classroom teachers 
  • These courses:
    • Are content/grade band-specific in disseminating best practices
    • Are led by current classroom teachers to promote Teacher Leadership 
    • and foster collaboration between teachers from across districts in the Five District Partnership
  • Five 3-hour sessions (15 hours)
  • Courses are held at Revere High School
  • Dinner is provided
  • Free
  • Qualify for PDP points (or UMass graduate credit with $110 fee)

Why participate? 

  • Immediate Impact: Sessions include hands-on strategies that you can immediately apply in your classroom. Time is embedded within each session to increase your knowledge around best practice strategies and build them into your lesson plans and student tasks.
  • Collaboration: The 5DP professional learning series is teacher-created and teacher-facilitated.  This is an opportunity to collaborate with highly-motivated teachers and elevate the day-to day practice in your classroom.  
  • Delivered by Experts: Teacher Leaders will share what has revolutionized their classroom practice as they have made sense of the standards and best practices. It is entirely teacher driven and led by someone who understands your experience. 

What are 5DP participants saying about their experience?

  • “I really feel like I am coming away from this class as a more prepared teacher and I can't wait to try out all of the new strategies.”
  • “I enjoyed the interactions with fellow teachers from other districts. It helped with developing further ideas and strategies to take back to my classroom.”

Course Descriptions

Courses Offered at Revere High School on Thursday Evenings 
Dates:Thursdays from 4:30pm - 7:30pm, May 10, May 17, May 24, May 31 and June 7. Dinner provided.

Beyond the Pacing Guide: Reimagining the Elementary Math Classroom (Grades 1-5)

Are you stressed about your pacing guides? Come design your IDEAL math class as you connect horizontally and vertically across schools and districts to share best practices and discuss common challenges in our elementary math classrooms. We will explore skills foundational at each grade level to create a dialogue centered on what we are doing well and already know; as well as what can be improved so our students will be prepared for current and future grade levels.

21st Century Learning and Teaching: Incorporating Instructional Technology in the Classroom (Grades K-8)

How do we incorporate technology in the classroom in order to prepare students who are digitally literate? In this course, we will dive into the 2016 Massachusetts Digital Literacy and Computer Science (DLCS) Curriculum Framework and identify ways for classroom teachers to plan lessons that address these standards.  We will explore instructional technology tools and resources that can be utilized in the classroom to increase student engagement and achievement, provide multiple opportunities for student choice and expression, and development of the 4 Cs—critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. By the end of the five weeks, you will gain a working knowledge of technology as a teaching and planning tool in order to enhance your teaching practice as a 21st century teacher. 

SEI Focus: Protocols and Strategies for Reaching and Teaching EL Students (Grades K-12)
In this course, you will gain the requisite knowledge and skills to shelter instruction, as it pertains to various disciplines, in order to meet the needs of our ever increasing population of English language learners (ELLs), so that they can equitably “. . .access the curriculum, achieve academic success, and contribute their multilingual and multicultural resources as participants and future leaders in the 21st century global economy.” Over the five-weeks, we will explore effective research-based strategies and practices to make subject matter concepts understandable for students who are still developing English language skills.

Performance-Based Assessments: Learning for Life (Grades 5-12)
What future roles will our students play, and how can our classrooms be restaged as rehearsal spaces for life? In Performance Based Assessments: Learning for Life you will learn how to revise, redesign and plan assessments that get students excited to connect their learning to real world problems.  In a competency-based approach, students will grapple with thought-provoking essential questions and know explicitly the skills and content required to complete a rigorous and relevant assessment. This course outlines a framework for planning and assessing units of study that engage students in the dynamic integration of content with real-world literacies – reading, writing, and numeracy in a variety of modes, frequent oral processing, academic conversation, questioning, non-routine problem solving, viewing, producing, presenting, and reflection.

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