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Illinois Newsblasts

November 2021- The #RacismFreeSchools Edition
October 2021- The "Not So Smooth Sailing" Edition
September 2021- The "Rocky Start" Edition
August 2021- The "Last Days of Summer" Edition
July 2021- The "Back Down Memory Lane" Edition
June 2021- The "School's OUT!" Edition
May 2021- The "Summer is Almost Here" Edition
April 2021- The “It happened again edition”
March 2021- The “Celebrating Women Educators” Edition
February 2021- The “Culturally Responsive Standards Edition”
January 2021- The “2021 Whiplash" Edition
December 2020- The "Is 2020 Finally Over?" Edition
November 2020- The "What's Next" Edition
September 2020- September 2020 Newsblast
August 2020- The "You Have the Power--If You're Willing to Find It" Edition
July 2020- The "How Should We Open?" Edition
June 2020- The "We Must Listen" Edition
May 2020- The Remote Learning Lab Edition
April 2020- The Remote Learning Edition
March 2020- The "Schoolhouse Rock" Edition
February 2020- The “Is This a Big Deal or a Little Deal?” Edition
January 2020- The “Three Things to Look for in 2020” Edition
December 2019- The “Holiday Reading” Edition
November 2019- The "Arctic Blast" Edition
October 2019-  Teach Plus Illinois October Edition
September 2019-  The "Opportunities Galore" Edition
August 2019-  The "Summer's Ending" Edition
July 2019-  The “Almost Beach Reading" Edition
June 2019- The "Legispalooza" Edition
May 2019- The "Final Stretch" Edition
April 2019- The "Education Bills and Teacher Leaders on the Move" Edition
March 2019- The "Teach Plus Illinois Fellowship Opportunities" Edition
February 2019- The "Happy Valentine's Day" Edition
January 2019- The "Ready for 2019" Edition
December 2018- The "Happy Holidays" Edition
November 2018- The "Teacher Leadership as an Improvement Lever" Edition
October 2018- The "Is It Too Easy or Too Hard to Become a Teacher in Illinois?" Edition
September 2018- The "Strong Teacher, Stong Classroom" Edition
August 2018- The "Starting things off right" Edition
July 2018- The "Janus Blues" Edition
June 2018- The "School's Out For Summer" Edition
May 2018- The "Teacher Appreciation Week" Edition
April 2018-  The "Funding Finally" Edition
March 2018-  The "Student Voice" Edition
February 2018-  The "Ugh, it's February" Edition
January 2018-  The "New Year" Edition
December 2017-  The "Gratitude" Edition
November 2017-  The "Something to be Thankful For" Edition
October 2017-  The "A Chill in the Air" Edition
September 2017-  September Newsblast
August 2017-  The "Anti-racist" Edition
July 2017-  The "Teachers on TV" Edition
June 2017-  The "Happy Summer" Edition
April 2017-  The “The Power of Teacher Leadership” Edition
March 2017- The “New Day at ISBE” Edition
February 2017- The 'Fair Funding' Edition
January 2017- The 'It's Time to Get Involved' Edition
December 2016- The "Hopeful Holiday" Edition
November 2016- The "The Post-Election" Edition
October 2016- The "Yes, There Might Be Two Strikes" Edition
August 2016- The "Back to School" Edition
July 2016- The "Summer Break & Budget" Edition
June 2016- The "School's Out... and Will it be Back?" Edition
May 2016- Will April Showers Bring May Funding?
April 2016- The "Spring Break (Woo Hoo)" Edition
March 2016- The "Spring" Edition
February 2016- The "Leap Year" Edition
January 2016- The "Don't Forget The Kids" Edition