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Anya Grottel-Brown

Commentary: Stop ranking schools. Educating our children should not be a competition.

Chicago Tribune
By: Gina Caneva, Illinois Teaching Policy Fellowship Alumna
June 7, 2019

Inclusive Education Benefits All Students — So Why Not Fully Fund Special Education?

What's the Plus
By: Christina Nitsos, California Teaching Policy Fellow
June 5, 2019

Leading by example—how I affirm my students’ identities

Teach Dallas Ft. Worth
By: Turner Cooper, Texas DFW Policy Fellow
June 3, 2019

The Path to Embracing Shared Leadership

What's the Plus
By: Andrew Knips, Philadelphia Teacher Leadership Coach
May 31, 2019

Social Emotional Learning Needs to Become How We Do School Not Just Another Thing We Do at School

Education Post
By: Amie Reed, Illinois Teaching Policy Fellow
May 30, 2019

This Is Why I Teach

What's the Plus
By: Dawn Bilbrey, New Mexico Teacher Leader
May 22, 2019

When Teachers Blossom into Innovators

What's the Plus
By: Kisaundra Harris, Texas Teaching Policy Fellow
May 16, 2019

Support for trans students starts with their names

Windy City Times
By: Vincent Cefali, Illinois Teaching Policy Fellow
May 8, 2019

Why We Need Personalized Professional Development in Our Schools

What's the Plus
By: Amie Corso Reed, Illinois Teaching Policy Fellow.
May 2, 2019

Illinois Has Fixed Its School Funding Formula, But That Didn’t Help My Student

Education Post
By: Jonathan Baymon, Illinois Teaching Policy Fellow.
May 2, 2019