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Partnership Spotlight: Teach to Lead

What Teachers Really Want: Teach to Lead Takes PD to a New Level

Read more about teacher professional development at  Powered By Teach to Lead events from Caitlin Casey, former intern with National Evaluation Team at Teach Plus, and Richard Feistman, National Director of Evaluation at Teach Plus.

Teach Plus Joins Teach to Lead Initiative to Advance Teacher Leadership Nationwide 

In September 2018, Teach Plus joined the Teach to Lead initiative as a partner with the U.S. Department of Education and ASCD.  Created by experienced educators, Teach to Lead expands opportunities for teachers to advance student achievement by improving the policies and programs that affect their work without leaving the classroom.

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17th Teacher Leadership Summit in Philadelphia, PA, March 29-31, 2019


On March 29-31, Teach Plus partnered with Teach to Lead to host the 17th summit in Philadelphia.  More than 200 teachers from 17 states and two European countries associated with the United States Department of Defense Education Activity participated. 

The 25 teacher teams at the summit zeroed in on a problem of practice and created a logic model through a design-thinking approach and coaching from critical friends. The team topics in Philadelphia included Dual Language Portfolio Assessment of Biliteracy; Alternative Programs for Neighborhood High Schools; Reimaging School Leadership for Teacher Voice; and Recruiting and Retaining Highly Qualified Teachers.   

At the summit, Teach Plus President and CEO Roberto J. Rodríguez spoke to the teacher leaders about the work of Teach Plus.  Also on site from Teach Plus were Philadelphia Instructional Practice Director Laura Boyce, who led a fireside chat with Teach Plus Philadelphia Teacher Leader Morgan-Craig Williams; Massachusetts and Rhode Island Policy Manager Chris Marino, who served as one of the event facilitators; and Teach Plus Colorado State Director Mark Sass, who led a session on Storytelling for Impact.  

"It was inspiring speaking in a room full of educators whose main goal is to serve our youth Together we are here to empower and uplift our students to become outspoken leaders. I was glad to be able to share my story of teacher leadership and get more energy from the audience to continue doing this work."

— Philadelphia Teacher Leader Morgan-Craig Williams

16th San Jose STEAM Summit:  Teacher Leadership in Action, Sept. 28-30, 2018


Each Teach to Lead’s Teacher Leadership Summit brings together teams of educators to collaborate and problem-solve how to improve learning in their school, district, or state.  We launched our partnership at Teach to Lead’s 16th summit in San Jose, California, Sept. 28-30, which convened 20 teacher leader teams from 17 states to work on a range of actionable projects from equitable offerings for students to school change through Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM). 

(Photo: Teach Plus President and CEO Roberto J. Rodríguez announces the partnership and welcomes the participants to the San Jose Summit.)


Teach to Lead’s “critical friends,” who work with each team closely during the summit and are central to their success, hail from over 170 supporting organizations and also include outstanding teacher leaders who have experience advocating for change.  In San Jose, two Teach Plus teacher leaders from California, Josh Brown and Hang Nguen, worked with their teams on projects “STEAM for ALL” and “Science Buddies.”

(Photo: Teach Plus Teacher leadership panel. Left to right: Sarah Lillis, Teach Plus California Executive Director; Stephen McMahon, Deputy Superintendent, San Jose Unified School District; Josh Brown and Hang Nguyen, Teach Plus California Policy Fellowship alumni.)

"The Teach to Lead Summit reaffirmed for me what educators know already: The answers to our most pressing questions about public education are found inside the schoolhouse walls.  When a teacher’s voice is amplified, supported, and encouraged, student success follows." ― Josh Brown in an op-ed on the ASCD blog


Teach Plus California Policy Fellowship alumna Lauren Stuart listens to teachers practice their stories during her ‘Storytelling for Impact’ session at the Summit. 

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