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Policymaker Visits

Teach Plus teachers are inviting policymakers to visit their classrooms and to discuss key education issues and policies in their state. It’s an open invitation. When lawmakers visit our teachers’ schools, they see firsthand the direct effect of policies on students and teachers.


Teacher Focus:  The Inequity of School Funding
In April 2017, State Rep. Sam Yingling visited classrooms at Round Lake Early Education Center and met with early childhood blended teacher and Teach Plus Policy Fellow Kali Skiles and other teachers at the school. Following classroom visits, Rep. Yingling held a round table discussion with the teachers to address the need for equitable school funding and the importance of early intervention programs.

Rep. Yingling’s visit was prompted by an op-ed by Kali Skiles that underscored the need to close the funding gap in Illinois.  Read more about the visit in the Daily Herald.


Teacher Focus:  Legislation on Career Pathways
In April 2017, State Rep. Dale DeVon met with 2nd grade teacher and Teach Plus Policy Fellowship Alumna Melissa Sherle and other educators and students at Washington Irving Elementary School in Indianapolis. Rep. DeVon and the teachers discussed the Teacher Induction Pilot Program bill, which supports career pathways and mentorship programs for new teachers. Authored by Rep. DeVon, the bill was developed with extensive input from Teach Plus teachers and incorporates all of their recommendations. 

Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb signed the Teacher Induction Pilot Program bill into law on April 28, 2017.

Teacher Focus:  Legislation to Replace the State Assessment
In March 2017, State Rep. Bob Behning visited Tindley Renaissance Academy to discuss legislation to replace the state's current assessment. The legislation was developed with extensive input from Teach Plus teachers.  The bill authored by Rep. Behning contains the recommendations that Teach Plus teachers, including Teach Plus Policy Fellowship alum and Tindley Academy principal Eddie Rangel, shared with the Indiana General Assembly.  After the classroom visits, Rep. Behning sat down with Tindley's principal, teachers, students, and parents to discuss changes to education in Indiana.

More about the visit on WISH-TV Indianapolis.

On June 6, 2017, surrounded by Policy Fellows and Teach Plus staff, Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb signed into the law the Student Assessment Bill. The final bill reflects many of Teach Plus teachers' recommendations, including one summative test at the end of the school year and the grading of the test by Hoosier educators.