Joe Dan M. Lovato headshot
Teaching Policy Fellow
Math Interventionist, Curriculum, and STEAM-H Electives
Mark Armijo Academy
Albuquerque Public Schools

Joe Dan M. Lovato is a 2019 Teach Plus New Mexico Teaching Policy Fellow. He is currently an educator at Mark Armijo Academy in Albuquerque and was previously a charter middle school educator. Along with teaching 6th, 7th, and 8th grade science at the school, he also taught the 8th grade Next-Step class, a STEAM-H elective with a focus on agriculture and climate change, and incentive electives in cryptozoology, extraterrestrial/paranormal investigations, and a guitar/songwriting workshop. The New Mexico Public Education Department recognized Joe Dan as a finalist for the 2018 New Mexico Teacher of the Year. He earned a BA in Education from Eastern New Mexico University, a MA in Education (Curriculum and Instruction) from Eastern New Mexico University, and received his Administration Licensure requirements from Eastern New Mexico University. He possesses a Level III-A license in both K-8 Elementary and Pre K-12 Special Education along with endorsements in Science and Health.


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Tennise Lucas headshot
Teaching Policy Fellow
4th/5th grade language arts
Mission Achievement and Success Charter School
Charter School

Tennise Lucas is a 2019 Teach Plus New Mexico Teaching Policy Fellow. She teaches 4th and 5th grade language arts at Mission Achievement and Success in Albuquerque. She participates in the Secretary Teacher Advisory committee alumni, and is a New Mexico Teacher Leader Network Ambassador.  She has been nominated as a Teacher of Character for the last five years. Not only is Tennise a classroom teacher, but has also been involved in performing arts education for over 20 years in the fields of tap and Irish as a director in her hometown of Roswell at The Studio+. Tennise received a Master of Education from Lesley University in Cambridge, MA. Her New Mexico Teacher Certification is from ENMU, administrative training through the National Institute of Student Leadership, and administrative certification through ENMU.

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Jeneen Lujan headshot
Teaching Policy Fellow
K-3 special education teacher
Pojoaque Valley School District

Jeneen Lujan is a 2019 Teach Plus New Mexico Teaching Policy Fellow. Jeneen teaches K-3 grade special education in a self-contained Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) class. She is on the principal leadership team in her school, and is an administrative designee and special education leader.  Jeneen has qualified and will have her first administrative position in the summer of 2019 as principal for the K-3 Plus summer program. Jeneen graduated with a BA and an MA in Special Education from the University of New Mexico and received her certification in Administrative Leadership from New Mexico Highlands University. 

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Teaching Policy Fellow
2nd grade generalist teacher
Wood Gormley Elementary School
Santa Fe Public Schools

Pamela Price is a 2019 Teach Plus New Mexico Teaching Policy Fellow. Pamela teaches 2nd grade at Wood Gormley Elementary School in Santa Fe, where she is a member of the school leadership team and  runs after-school novel engineering and robotics clubs. She has received the “Woman of Merit” and “Teacher Who Inspires” awards. Pamela is TESOL certified and received a Bachelor and Master of Education from McGill University.

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Teaching Policy Fellow
Instructional Coach
MLK Elementary School
Rio Rancho Public School

Jessica Sanders is a 2019 Teach Plus New Mexico Teaching Policy Fellow. She will work as an instructional coach this coming school year for Rio Rancho Public Schools. She has spent 13 years teaching, nine of those in the middle school science classroom. Jessica is a 2018 Golden Apple Teacher of Excellence award winner and the 2019 New Mexico Teacher of the Year.  Jessica’s passion for science education and collaborative classroom setting, helps build relationships focused on respect and the value of education. She graduated from New Mexico Highlands University with a BA in Elementary Education and later received her MA in Curriculum and Instruction from her alma mater. 

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Sonny Sapien headshot
Teaching Policy Fellow
8th grade english language arts teacher
Mountain View Middle School
Rio Rancho Public Schools

Sonny Sapien is a 2019 Teach Plus New Mexico Teaching Policy Fellow. Sonny Sapien teaches 8th grade english language arts at Mountain View Middle School in Rio Rancho. Sonny was a recipient of the New Mexico Teacher Excellence Award for earning an exemplary teacher effective rating from the 2017-2018 school year. He earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Elementary Education (K-8) from New Mexico State University and a Master’s of Education in Educational Technology from Eastern New Mexico University. 


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