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Policy Fellowship Michigan

Michigan Teacher Leadership Collaborative

Welcome to Michigan Teacher Leadership Collaborative! Our mission is to empower excellent, experienced, and diverse teachers to take leadership over key policy and practice issues that advance equity, opportunity, and student success. Through our program, teachers from across the state learn how policy is made and how it impacts their classroom. We provide teachers with training and opportunities to change and influence policies at the school, district, and state level—achieving change in schools and in the broader education system.

Training educators as leaders and advocates so teachers and students thrive in Michigan.

The Michigan Teacher Leadership Collaborative is an opportunity for outstanding Michigan teachers to shape their expertise around equity-focused instructional practices, deepen their knowledge of education policy, and gain a voice in decisions that directly affect historically underserved students and the teaching profession in the state.

Michigan Collaborative Teacher Leaders:

  • Expand their influence without leaving the classroom.
  • Participate in training sessions through expert-led modules, monthly virtual meetings, and smaller, issues-focused working groups. Training includes:
    • Understanding education policy as a lever for student success
    • Community organizing
    • Writing op-eds and speaking with the media
    • Conducting focus groups with fellow teachers
    • Communicating your expertise with peers and broader audiences
    • Providing public testimony
  • Engage directly with key stakeholders.

What do Education Trust-Midwest and Teach Plus do?

The Education Trust-Midwest and Teach Plus recruit and select the Michigan Collaborative Teacher Leaders from across the state to participate in the cohort experience. 

How does it work?

Michigan Collaborative Teacher Leaders work in groups with fellow teachers to advocate on behalf of your students. The Education Trust-Midwest and Teach Plus connect members of the Collaborative with policy makers and with opportunities to propose policy solutions, testify, write op-eds, and meet with decision makers at the local and state level. The teachers in the cohort become part of a larger movement of teacher leadership and help mobilize their peers around top issues impacting equity for students and the teaching profession in Michigan.

The Education Trust

The Education Trust-Midwest is the Michigan-based office of the national nonprofit, The Education Trust, that works to close opportunity gaps that disproportionately affect students of color and students from low-income families. As a nonpartisan, data-driven education policy, research and advocacy organization, we are focused first and foremost on doing what is right for Michigan children, working alongside partners to raise the quality of teaching and learning in our public schools.