IMS Teacher Leadership Project

What is the IMS Teacher Leadership Project?

For three years starting in 2021, Teach Plus will be partnering with Independence Mission Schools, a non-profit network of 15 Catholic elementary schools in Philadelphia, to launch cross-school, grade-level, teacher-led professional learning communities (PLCs) supporting effective implementation of early literacy curriculum and best practices. This three-year partnership follows a successful first year of collaboration to develop structures and systems for cross-school PLCs and the launch of the Literacy Content Cadre, a group of 18 pre-K-8 teacher leaders who have received several months of coaching and professional development in preparation for leading PLCs in the fall. Through the partnership, Teach Plus provides coaching and support to the IMS Literacy Content Cadre teacher leaders to ensure their successful facilitation of PLCs. 

Five teachers of color pose for photo

What does Teach Plus do?

Teach Plus supports teacher leaders in developing capacity to be:
  • Purpose-driven instructional leaders
  • Evidence-based decision makers
  • Skillful facilitators of adult learning
  • School-wide change agents
  • Equity advocates

Literacy Content Cadre Supports

Literacy Content Cadre teacher leaders receive the following supports from Teach Plus as they lead their PLCs:

  • Biweekly one-on-one coaching sessions, focused on PLC planning and agenda creation, feedback, and individualized leadership development 
  • Biweekly after-school cohort meetings, focused on content knowledge development and Leadership Attribute Continuum growth 
  • Annual three-day Summer Institute in June
  • Monthly feedback on their PLC facilitation and agenda drafts