Harmony Teacher Advisory Cabinet

Amplifying teacher voice within Harmony Public Schools.

Over the past five years, Teach Plus Texas has partnered with Harmony Public Schools to provide a platform and leadership development for teachers, amplifying their voice within the district.  
Through the Harmony Teacher Advisory Cabinet, teacher leaders collaborate, in partnership with their peers, to share feedback and innovative ideas to help Harmony Public Schools serve their students.

What is the Harmony Teacher Advisory Cabinet?

The Harmony Teacher Advisory Cabinet consists of excellent teachers who work with a select group of peers in working groups to craft solutions and provide feedback on important issues that impact teaching and learning on Harmony campuses.

Teachers, representing all Harmony districts, engage in leadership growth with a focus on advocating for positive educational change within the district and work together to develop and present policy recommendations on a broad range of issues for the consideration of Harmony Public School executive leaders. Cabinet Members will receive a $750 stipend.

Solutions informed by previous Harmony Teacher Advisory Cabinets include:

  • Added Campus PLC support through work with campus leaders.
  • PLC Leaders who are also SCLs are now paid for their time as PLC leads.
  • Added touchpoints with principals to ensure effective PLCs on every campus.
  • Added training and support for campus teacher leaders.
  • Added support for Assistant Area Superintendents to support regional teacher leaders.

What does Teach Plus Texas do?

Teach Plus recruits, selects, trains, and supports outstanding teacher leaders from Harmony schools across the state of Texas to provide valuable insight into Harmony Public Schools’ policies and programs.

Teach Plus Texas provides Cabinet members with:

  • Policy Development & Implementation Training, including expert-led modules focused on policy processes, change management, research skills, and effective communication skills.
  • Monthly Collaboration– the Cabinet meets monthly throughout the school year to develop advocacy skills, solutions orientation, perspective-taking, and storytelling for impact. 
  • Unique Opportunities to collect and analyze peer teacher input, engage with working groups to utilize data to inform policy recommendations, and sit at the decision-making table with Harmony Public Schools leadership.

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