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T3 Teacher Leader- Global Preparatory Academy

Global Preparatory Academy at Riverside 44 is seeking a 4th or 5th grade T3 Teacher Leader for 2016-17 school year.

Global Prep Academy is a new free/public dual language school that will open next year serving students in grades K-2 through English and Spanish. Each year the dual language program will grow adding one grade level annually. 

The Teach Plus T3 Initiative is an innovative, teacher-designed program to recruit, develop, and support effective, experienced teachers to serve as teacher leaders in high-need schools.  The T3 Initiative creates cohorts of skilled and experienced teachers and supports teacher leaders in leading their peers to improve instructional practice and accelerate student academic outcomes school-wide. Teacher leaders receive ongoing support from T3 staff, including intensive leadership skill development, close collaboration with a school-based T3 coach, and frequent opportunities to network with teacher leaders in other schools and cities across the country. 

T3 Teacher Leaders are full time, elementary school teachers in Indianapolis Public Schools with the usual job responsibilities associated with that role. T3 Teacher Leaders also have additional responsibilities, which include:

  • Lead one or more teacher teams and/or school-wide initiatives.
  • Participate in the school’s instructional leadership team, or another school-wide leadership team.
  • Work together on strategic initiatives to address areas of need in the school that they identify together with the administration.  
  • Participate in professional development and collegial support to build their leadership skills.
  • Act as skillful leaders in all aspects of the school, regardless of their role.  

T3 Teacher Leaders (T3TLs) also participate in the following activities outside of school hours to support their leadership development:

  • Weekly One-On-One Meetings with the T3 Coach: TLs and coach debrief prior team meetings the TL has led, plan upcoming meetings, and develop the TL’s personal leadership.  Coaches provide T3TLs ongoing, specific feedback based on evidence so that TLs can achieve leadership goals.  
  • Summer Institute: A multi-day intensive training based on the 5 attributes of teacher leadership, TLs collaborate with their school-based TL cohort, T3 Coach, principal and other TLs in the city. 
  • T3 Cohort Meetings: Monthly meetings for the whole T3 Teacher Leader cohort at their school, tailored by the coach to meet their group’s needs and the school’s context and priorities.

Our ideal candidate qualities are listed below:

  • Prior experience working with English Learners;
  • Commitment to ongoing professional development;
  • Relationship builder (colleagues, students, parents);
  • Flexible and solutions-oriented;
  • Interest in working collaboratively with colleagues and reflecting on their own practice to improve instruction for all students;
  • Willingness to be responsible for consistently managing student behavior using a pro-active approach;
  • Strong organizational skills and a commitment to using data to drive instruction;
  • Experience providing differentiated instruction;
  • Experience developing interdisciplinary long-term plans and units;
  • Possession of Indiana Teacher Certification, Highly Qualified Status, and other appropriate endorsements; and
  • Dedication to actively engage parents in educational advocacy for their children.

Teachers working in IPS as well those working outside the district are welcome to apply. Candidates for T3 Teacher Leader positions must have at least three years of experience and a track record of success with high-need students and schools. Teacher leaders receive a $5,000 stipend for their work. This T3 Teacher Leader position will be contracted for one (1) year, with potential for continued employment apart from the T3 program going forward.

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