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What do teachers nationwide think about key education issues that impact them and their students? Find out through our flash polls.

Flash Poll Results

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March 2018: Teacher Perspectives on School Safety

Finding #1: Teachers overwhelmingly oppose the idea of arming teachers in schools.


August 2016: Replacing ISTEP: Hoosier Teachers Weigh In

Finding #1: Teachers most strongly support an assessment system with a shorter, summative assessment given once per school year.

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July 2016: Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) Accountability Regulations

Finding #1: While the majority of teachers are interested in providing input to their state about ESSA, only a small percentage have had an opportunity to do so.

April 2016: ESSA Title 1 Funding

Finding #1: A majority of teachers in Title I schools do not believe that their schools are sufficiently funded to meet the needs of their students.

March 2016: Teacher Pensions

Finding #1:  Compared to teachers in other states, Illinois teachers are twice as likely to believe they will not receive their full pension benefits.

November 2015: Education in the 2016 Election

ISSUE #1: Are presidential candidates paying sufficient attention to education?

May 2015: School Accountability

ISSUE #1: What do teachers think about how subgroups of students should be included in accountability systems?

April 2015: ESEA

ISSUE #1: What do teachers think about possible changes to testing and accountability? 

February 2015: Teacher Preparation

ISSUE #1: How effective would you rate yourself as a teacher during your first year of teaching?