Here is Why You Should Apply to Be a Fellow: A Letter from Teach Plus Alum

Here is Why You Should Apply to Be a Fellow: A Letter from Teach Plus Alum

Dear Fellow Educator,

My name is Lauren Moore, and I am a teacher who participated in the 2018-2019 Indiana Teaching Policy Fellowship. With the outbreak of COVID-19 and the subsequent Indiana school closures, now extended through the end of the school year, we are presented with unprecedented challenges and disruptions for teachers, students and families. I want to share with you why an educator might consider applying to the Teach Plus Indiana Teaching Policy Fellowship during this critical time.

Teacher leadership will be essential as we eventually work to find our new normal. Being in the Fellowship gave me the knowledge and skills to use my experiences and my ideas to affect change in education. The monthly sessions equipped me with information about legislation and helped me think strategically about how to use my voice. I appreciate that the Fellowship takes in to consideration the values and interests of their fellows and helps partner them with issues in which they feel passionate.

Through this year-long Fellowship, I have been able to raise awareness with my colleagues on legislative issues that will affect us and our students, write about my experiences as an educator, speak with legislators about important issues that affect all educators, and testify on behalf of bills in both the Senate and the House of Representatives. Each of these experiences has taught me about my own personal voice and how to encourage other educators to use theirs as well. These experiences also allow me to plan on how I will continue the important work of educational advocacy even after my time as a Fellow is completed. I am grateful to Teach Plus for equipping me and allowing me opportunities to use my new skills and knowledge.

As we navigate these new challenges, I encourage you to take some time and check out the Teach Plus Indiana Teaching Policy Fellowship. It’s time more teachers had a voice in the decisions affecting the teaching profession. Apply today to learn how to use yours.


Lauren Moore
Teacher at West Goshen Elementary School, Indiana