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Michael Savoy

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National Managing Director of Teacher Leadership Programs

Michael Savoy has 21 years of educational experience including teaching mathematics at the middle, high school and college level, working with community organizations on school policy, advocacy and involvement, working with K -12 school teachers, teacher leaders and administrators to improve the education experiences and opportunities for their students and his current work coaching teachers to facilitate professional learning for fellow teachers. Throughout his educational career, he has continued to focus on ways to improve the educational environment, increase the educational knowledge of school staff, and involve more parent and community stakeholders in the success of school students. As a math specialist and coach, he developed and facilitated professional development for teachers and administrators on a wide range of topics (ex. formative/summative assessment, Common Core State Standards, math content and pedagogy), develop instructional materials, provide daily in-classroom support through co-planning, co-teaching, modeling, observations and constructive feedback at the elementary, intermediate and high school levels as well as analyzed educational policy and qualitative/quantitative research. He is also the author of several journal articles and book chapters on educational change.

Dr. Savoy earned his bachelor's degree in aerospace engineering at The University of Maryland, his master's degree in mathematics education at Salisbury University and his Ph. D. in Instructional Systems at The Pennsylvania State University.