Teach Plus Pennsylvania

Shared Leadership Project

What is the Shared Leadership Project?

The Shared Leadership Project (SLP) is a light-touch program that aims to improve the quality of shared leadership in four School District of Philadelphia elementary schools via:

  • Coaching school leaders: to strengthen systems that support shared decision making and better support teacher leaders in the school
  • Professionally developing teacher leaders: to facilitate high-impact, teacher-driven PLCs and provide meaningful contributions to the school leadership team

Through support from the Neubauer Family Foundation, SLP serves 36 teacher leaders and administrators in five schools:

  • James G. Blaine School
  • Lewis Elkin School
  • T. M. Peirce Elementary School
  • Thomas G. Morton School

What does Teach Plus do?

Teach Plus develops grade-level Teacher Leaders to be equity-focused instructional leaders who lead their teams to improve teaching and learning through collaborative PLCs. Teach Plus also coaches administrators to develop a sustainable culture of shared leadership and implement ongoing supports for current and future teacher leaders.

Each administrator participates in a weekly coaching session, and all program participants attend twice-monthly cohort-based and cross-school professional development. Additionally, Teach Plus coaches work with network leaders in developing culture, systems and structures for shared leadership, and to build capacity to replicate and sustain teacher leadership across schools and over time.