Houston Policy Fellowship

Training teachers as advocates to ensure that teachers and students thrive in Houston


Houston-area Teachers:

You are invited to apply for the Teach Plus Texas Houston Policy Fellowship, a highly selective leadership opportunity for outstanding Houston-area teachers who are looking to use their classroom experience and education policy knowledge to inform decisions affecting Houston-area students and teachers.

What do you do?

Houston Policy Fellows participate in a year-long cohort experience (with the option for a second year), which equips and empowers them to bridge the gap between teachers, key stakeholders, and policymakers in the Houston-area. As a Houston Policy Fellow, you will become part of a larger movement of teacher leadership while further developing and amplifying your voice. As part of your experience, Teach Plus Texas will connect you with policymakers and provide other opportunities for you to propose policy solutions, testify, write op-eds, and meet with district and state level decision-makers.

How does it work?

Teach Plus Texas recruits and selects Houston Policy Fellows from Houston-area districts to participate in a cohort experience. During the program year, fellows work with staff to amplify teacher voice and inform policymakers on educator preparation program access, the clinical teaching experience, teacher retention, and other issues affecting the Houston-area teacher pipeline.

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