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Indiana Teaching Policy Fellowship


The Indiana Teaching Policy Fellowship is a highly selective leadership opportunity for outstanding teachers looking to deepen their knowledge of education policy and gain a voice in decisions that affect students and the teaching profession. 

The Fellowship offers teachers the opportunity to expand their influence without leaving the classroom. The Fellows receive training through expert-led modules and through direct engagement with key stakeholders in monthly sessions – either in person or virtually – that focus on: 

  • Education policy as a lever for student success
  • Advocacy, including op-ed writing, testifying, and speaking with elected officials and members of the media
  • Current and relevant issues in education policy
  • Teachers as political leaders

How does it work?
Teach Plus recruits and selects Indiana Teaching Policy Fellows from across the state to participate in a selective cohort experience and works to bridge the gap between teachers and key stakeholders and policymakers in Indiana. Teachers become part of a larger movement of teacher leadership while learning how to mobilize their peers around critical issues impacting students and the teaching profession.