Life at Teach Plus

Our values are a driving force behind everything we do.

Our Culture

At Teach Plus, we are driven by our mission.  We love what we do and we work hard to make a difference for teachers and students.  We are smart, passionate, and engaged with one another.  We are thought partners, collaborators, and constant learners.


We are here because we believe there is joy in the challenge of improving schools that serve low-income students.
We find joy in our achievements and by caring for self, each other, and the work.

Conveying and creating joy in my daily interactions is a priority. Educators are constantly thinking of ways to impact students' lives, and providing others in our community with feelings of happiness helps to achieve that goal!

Integrity in Practice

We are education professionals who work outside schools.
As such, we earn the right to say we are serving students by acting with urgency, integrity, and intentionality.

Integrity is in our work every step of the way. It is especially important to maintain as we take on new roles in education outside our classrooms and make decisions that can impact students and teachers across our states.

Diversity and Equity

We are committed to realizing a vision for our educational system that is inclusive, equitable, and diverse.
To accomplish this, we work to recruit and select staff members and teacher leaders reflective of the communities they serve, and together we continuously challenge systems that limit opportunities in order to create an inclusive environment in which diverse perspectives are sought and valued.

Equity, diversity, and inclusion are values that brought me to teaching. At Teach Plus, we live by these terms and work together with our teacher leaders to create a more inclusive and equitable education system for all students.


We strive to empower teachers to be leaders on behalf of their students.
This means we must lead individually and as an organization with personal accountability, professional will, and courage.

Leadership is about choosing and fostering a great team, setting a good example, and striving to guide the work in good times and bad. I try to model hard work, integrity, and grit every day—and to motivate and channel my team and our teachers' energy even though the outcome is sometimes uncertain.


At Teach Plus, we are a team.
United by a shared mission, we weave individual strengths, passions and perspectives together to elevate our work.

I collaborate with the entire organization as we think creatively about the work that Teach Plus teachers do in and outside their schools. We leverage our collective expertise to design meaningful programming that allows teachers to lead while remaining in their classrooms where they are needed most.