Equity Focus Areas

Teach Plus works to break down barriers in six core Equity Focus Areas ripe for change.

Equitable funding

We are working to increase resources and ensure equitable funding for our schools. Change falls flat without adequate and equitable resources for our schools.

Across the country, we are helping to shape legislative policy that increases investments necessary for students and teachers to thrive.

High-quality early childhood education

We are expanding access to high-quality early learning and enhancing the quality of early learning programs and settings.

Recruitment and retention of a diverse teaching force

We are creating the conditions for teachers of color to enter, stay, grow, and thrive in the teaching profession.

Five teachers of color pose for photo

Rigorous curricula, high standards, and meaningful accountability

We are providing students with greater access to rigorous, relevant curricula, culturally-competent teaching, and accountability for equitable resources in our schools.  

Teacher preparation, development, and leadership

We are building access for teachers to high-quality preparation, clinical practice, induction, and mentoring. 

Child wearing mask at table with laptop and colored pencils

Whole child, student-centered learning

We are ensuring that educators meet the needs of the whole child, including support for implementing the science of learning in their schools and classrooms.