Invest in Teacher Leadership

Join us in empowering a movement of teacher leaders to create an education system defined by excellence and commitment to equity.

Five teachers of color pose for photo

How has a teacher inspired you?

For so many of us, our lives were shaped by great teachers who nurtured us, challenged us, and opened doors to success. At Teach Plus, we know that when great teachers are given opportunities to lead, students thrive. 

We also know that equal access to opportunity—fostered by great teaching, safe and welcoming schools, and challenging, relevant academic content—is not available to every child. As a result, achievement and opportunity gaps persist in our system for our most historically-disadvantaged students. 

This can change: Now is the time to let our great teachers lead.

Policies that create opportunity and are informed by our most effective teachers — the people in schools who are closest to students — are critical to creating a world where we achieve equitable outcomes for students.  At Teach Plus, we know that if we grow great teachers into teacher leaders who are well-informed and prepared to lead, they become agents of change in our schools and communities.

By investing in teacher leaders, you invest in our students.
Your support of Teach Plus helps to grow, organize, and amplify the knowledge and leadership of teachers who know what works. Help us to empower a movement of excellent teachers to lead their peers and to inform policy at all levels, creating an education system for students defined by its excellence and its commitment to equity.