Teach Plus in 2025

We believe in equity-driven teacher leadership. 

When we invest in developing our most talented teachers into teacher leaders who are well-informed, persuasive, and prepared to lead, they have deep leverage in advancing equity for students, especially for students of color, low income students, and those from underserved communities.

We believe in delivering a mandate for student opportunity. 

All students should have the opportunity to achieve their potential in an education system  defined by its commitment to equity, its responsiveness to individual needs, and its ability to prepare students for postsecondary success.

The Reach

We’re pursuing a growth strategy driven by an advocacy agenda for collective impact. By 2025:

  • 4,000 Teacher Leaders Prepared to Lead Change: We will double the number of teacher leaders participating in our programs, from 2,000 to 4,000.
  • A network 35,000 strong: We will link our teacher leaders across the country and mobilize a network of over 35,000 educators and partners committed to change.
  • Influence across 16 states: We will reach a majority share of the nation’s African-American, Latino, and low-income learners.
  • Teacher Leadership as an Essential Lever: We will establish Teach Plus attributes, skills, and competencies of teacher leadership as essential levers for change and increase the presence of effective distributed and shared teacher leadership in schools.

The Change

Through this growth, we are breaking down barriers in the Equity Focus Areas ripe for change.

How We Get There

We are leveraging our expertise in the field and innovating across our programs and networks to close achievement and opportunity gaps at a greater scale:

  • Bridging policy and practice. We are developing and supporting teacher leaders to forge connections between educational policy and instructional practice, leading to systemic change for more students.
  • Deepening our network of teachers. We are empowering a national network of teacher leaders across diverse geographic boundaries and contexts, positioning them for impact on policy change and improvements in instructional practice.
  • Deepening our impact. We are deepening our impact by scaling our programs, connecting with partners, and reaching out to more students, classrooms, and states.
  • Elevating teacher leadership. We are building public awareness of teacher-led solutions to inspire others, strengthen the teaching profession, and create a groundswell of teacher-led positive change.  

Teach Plus in 2025

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