Teachers Reimagining the Teaching Profession

Teachers want a profession that allows them to help their students thrive, lead from the classroom, and grow over time. They want systems that provide the mentorship they need, with the opportunities to lead in their schools, and the chances to make their voices heard at decision-making tables—so that more learners have the expertise of outstanding, diverse teachers who could do so much more to support their success.

Teach Plus teachers imagine a system that attracts, supports, retains, and grows excellent, resilient educators who reflect the diversity and brilliance of their student bodies, and who have differentiated opportunities to lead and learn throughout their careers. To build this system, we must build societal and systemic trust in our educators. This is a system in which teacher voice is at the heart of all decisions and leadership is no longer seen as an administrative role, but includes a collective and collaborative voice bringing positive, impactful change for all students.

As a teacher leader of color, it is extremely important to me to be in a position to influence and mentor other staff members, and to train and develop teachers into leadership roles so we can both recruit educators of color and maintain a diverse pool. As part of my Teach Plus Change Agent project, my team and I became role models for other teachers of color to take on leadership positions.” Raymond Xochitlpìlli Falcòn, Teach Plus teacher leader

A Reimagined Teaching Profession

Teach Plus teachers advocate for policies and practices that create a dynamic profession, with differentiated opportunities to lead and grow across a teacher’s career.

1. New teachers develop skills through mentorship, collaboration, and sheltered roles.

2. Throughout their careers, teachers collaborate on teams and have differentiated opportunities to leverage their unique skills and expertise – and they have a voice in decisions that affect their students.

3. Outstanding, experienced teachers lead teams, mentor colleagues, and contribute to decision making at the school, district, state, and federal level.

Teacher-Led Research

Teacher Voices on a Reimagined Teaching Profession

Teach Plus Teacher Leadership Programs

Teach Plus partners with states, districts, schools, and teachers to run programs in which teachers lead, and students thrive. These programs help to attract and retain outstanding educators—and they contribute to student success through improved teaching and school climates and policy change. Below are a few examples of Teach Plus teacher leadership programs: