Our Work in Schools

We believe that teachers, those closest to students and their families, are best positioned to make improvements to the culture, climate, and outcomes of schools.

We provide teacher leaders with the skills and space to collaboratively develop on-the-ground solutions to the persistent challenges schools and school networks face when seeking to improve students outcomes.

Teach Plus teacher leaders in our in-school instructional programs have centered equity in their leadership and have demonstrated effectiveness in their classrooms, proficiency in their content areas, and potential to effectively lead other teachers. Together with them, we work to make lasting change in school communities.

Networks for School Improvement

The Teach Plus Network for School Improvement (NSI) project, which Teach Plus led from 2018 to 2020, focused on ten Chicago and Los Angeles middle schools. The goal of the work was to increase the share of African-American, Latino, and low-income students ready for high school success in mathematics, as a defining point in preparing students to stay on track for high school graduation and college success.

In 2020, Teach Plus launched a new, five-year project in partnership with Chicago Public Schools to increase the readiness of Black, Latino, and low-income middle school students in math and reading. Working across 15 K-8 schools, NSI is supporting Chicago’s teachers, principals, and leaders to develop and implement classroom changes that will benefit student learning while maintaining a central focus on advancing equity in the classroom. Teacher-led teams are developing continuous improvement cycles to advance strategies that promote student learning, support access to high standards, and accelerate progress on grade-level content. Teachers across NSI are also honing their leadership skills to explore and integrate equity into their strategies for teaching and instructional change.