Educators Supporting Afghan Students

Our hearts collectively shattered when images from Kabul flooded our televisions and news feeds in August of 2021. As difficult as the evacuation was to witness, it was also inspiring to see the world unite in supporting those fleeing. Supporting Afghan families who were resettled to the United States is an ongoing process. Educators throughout the nation have since been welcoming an influx of refugee students who fled Afghanistan with their families after the Taliban returned to power. And while the federal and state leaders pledging funds to support newly arriving Afghans is critical, it is essential that we also consider the unique educational needs of Afghan refugee students. 

Teach Plus is focused on supporting educators welcoming these students. Our teacher leaders throughout the state work with refugee students and know first-hand the kind of support and training teachers need to serve them more effectively. Step one is understanding the linguistic and cultural diversity of the Afgan nation, coupled with the variety of formal educational experiences and possible traumas students bring upon arrival.  

In July and September, Teach Plus will host two webinars specifically designed for educators who have Afghan refugees in their classrooms. Registration and participation are free. While the sessions are geared toward classroom teachers, anyone working within educational institutions or supporting Afghan students along their educational journey at the community level are also encouraged to attend.

Session 1, July 29th, 1:00-3:30:

Session 1 (Second Offering), September 1st, 5:00-7:30:

Session 2, September 29th, 5:00-7:00:

These sessions will be designed and hosted by Anisa Amani and Lindsey Bird