Teach Plus Commends Governor Abbott for Recognizing Education as Top Budget Priority

Teach Plus Commends Governor Abbott for Recognizing Education as Top Budget Priority

Austin, TX―Teach Plus Texas today issued the following statement on Governor Abbott’s State of the State message:

“Teach Plus teachers and Teach Plus Texas are excited about the opportunities for Texas students that Governor Abbott discussed at the State of the State Address.  Governor Abbott is calling for substantial new funding for education, strategically spent to ensure a bright future for our students and the Lone Star State.

Teach Plus Texas Policy Fellows are recommending that the state significantly increase funding for schools, with a special focus on serving low-income students and English Language Learners, mental health supports that will ensure that our students are safe, healthy, and ready to learn, and funding to help districts provide pay raises to outstanding teachers.  Teach Plus Policy Fellow and 8th grade science teacher Angela Burke said: “Teachers are laying the foundation for the future of our state, creating citizens who can critically think and analyze situations to solve problems.  If teachers are able to do this well, they are one of the most valuable assets this state has, and should be compensated accordingly.”

Lindsay Sobel, Teach Plus Texas Executive Director, stated: “Texas students deserve a world class education regardless of their zip code.  With a long-term commitment to substantial increases to the state’s share of school funding, we will provide our schools with much-needed resources to help our students thrive.”  Added Teach Plus Texas Policy Fellow and first grade bilingual teacher Mariesther Flores: “By investing in the children today, we are securing not only our leaders of tomorrow but a future of prosperity.””

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