Teach Plus Commends Indiana Senate For Listening To Teachers, Stopping Consideration Of HB 1134

Teach Plus Commends Indiana Senate For Listening To Teachers, Stopping Consideration Of HB 1134

March 1, Indianapolis, Indiana―Teach Plus Indiana today issued the following statement on House Bill 1134:

“Teach Plus and Teach Plus teacher leaders are thrilled with the Indiana Senate’s decision to stop consideration of House Bill 1134. Since the bill’s introduction in the General Assembly earlier this year, Teach Plus, Teach Plus teacher leaders, and our partners in the state have kept a constant drumbeat of advocacy focused on a critical message for policymakers: if passed, this legislation would create burdensome reporting for teachers and districts at a time of staff shortages and limited capacity, further undermine educators as the experts in their field, and create an exodus of teachers from Indiana’s classrooms at a time when our students need them most.

“With HB1134 stalling in the Senate, teachers in Indiana can focus on what they do best: teach, help students set and achieve goals, and ensure students have the academic and social support they need,” said Rachel Hathaway, Teach Plus Indiana Executive Director. “I couldn’t be prouder of our teachers for raising their voices so effectively regarding this legislation and I call on Indiana’s policymakers to continue listening to educators when it comes to teaching and learning and the support of our students.”

“With the news that HB 1134 was not moving forward my heart became a little lighter,” said Suzanne Holcomb, a Teach Plus Indiana Policy Fellow who teaches 5th grade at Mary Beck Elementary in Elkhart. “Knowing that educators will be able to continue the stellar instruction that is happening every day in Indiana classrooms is a huge sigh of relief for me. I am grateful that so many in the education community and beyond have been actively involved in working together to stand for the teachers and students of Indiana.”

“I’m happy that my history as a teacher of color won’t be erased from the classroom. I’m happy the social emotional concerns of students will be met. I’m happy we can continue fostering positive communication with parents and children,” said Isaac Adjei, Teach Plus Indiana Policy Fellow and a 4th grade teacher in Indianapolis.

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