Teach Plus Statement on the Teacher Diversity and Shortage Evaluation Bill

Teach Plus Statement on the Teacher Diversity and Shortage Evaluation Bill

Sacramento, CA ―Teach Plus California today issued the following statement on AB 3002 introduced by Assemblymember Robert Rivas (D-Hollister).

“Teach Plus and Teach Plus teacher leaders are thrilled to sponsor AB 3002, which would help ensure that the programs designed to address teacher shortages in our state are effective in building a diverse cadre of teachers for California’s students.  

Assemblymember Robert Rivas (D-Hollister) introduced AB 3002, which would require the Commission on Teacher Credentialing to assess annually the impact of programs intended to address teacher shortages, with a focus on their effect on increasing the diversity of the teaching force. The state has invested nearly $300 million in various programs to address teacher shortages since 2016. Teach Plus Teacher Leaders were thrilled to see Governor Newsom propose reinvesting in many of these programs to recruit, prepare, and support teachers in his 2020-21 budget proposal. 

“Our state does not do nearly enough to support our teachers and, as a result, we face a serious teacher shortage. That’s why I worked to create the Golden State Teacher Grant program to help support and bring more teachers into our classrooms. I’m encouraged by the Governor’s proposed budget investments in education workforce development, teacher recruitment, and diversity. AB 3002 will ensure that these and future investments are addressing our State’s educational needs,” said Assemblymember Rivas.

Assemblymember Rivas and Teach Plus want to make sure that these investments are being used effectively and are not only addressing teacher shortages in the short-term but also helping to build a strong teaching force that is reflective of California’s student body. Montebello Unified fourth grade teacher and Teach Plus California Policy Fellow Eddie Garcia said: “For our most vulnerable student populations, California public schools can be the sanctuaries that offer safe haven and acceptance. This is especially true in schools where students are taught by a diverse teaching faculty that reflects the range of life experiences, languages, and cultural traditions held by their pupils.” The state must have the systems in place to measure how these programs are affecting the composition of the teaching force, identify what is working, and where we need to make adjustments.

Sarah Lillis, Teach Plus California Executive Director, stated: “Teach Plus celebrates the commitment of California leaders, like Governor Newsom and Assemblymember Rivas, to improve how we recruit, prepare and support our teachers in order to best serve our 6.2 million students. By requiring more robust assessments of those efforts, AB 3002 provides a necessary mechanism to make sure they are working. We are thrilled to be a part of this effort.”

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