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Policy Fellowship California

Training teachers as policy advocates to ensure that California teachers and students thrive.

Teaching Policy Fellowship California

Since 2011, more than 100 highly effective teachers have taken part in the California Teaching Policy Fellowship. In California, we offer a statewide teaching policy fellowship to outstanding teachers in the state looking to deepen their knowledge of education policy and gain a voice in decisions that directly affect students and the teaching profession

What is the Teach Plus California Teaching Policy Fellowship?
The Fellowship offers teachers the opportunity to expand their influence without leaving the classroom. Fellows meet in monthly sessions–either in person or virtually–to train in:
  • Education policy as a lever for student success
  • Advocacy, including op-ed writing, testifying, and speaking with elected officials and members of the media
  • Current and relevant issues in education policy
  • Teachers as political leaders
Fellows receive a $1,500 stipend for their commitment.
What does Teach Plus do?
Teach Plus trains teachers in understanding education policy as a lever for student success, community organizing and outreach, promoting teacher voice through writing op-eds and speaking to the media, providing public testimony, and more. We work to create and connect teachers to opportunities to lead in real ways at the policy level.
How does it work?
Teach Plus recruits and selects California Teaching Policy Fellows from across the state to participate in a selective cohort experience. Fellows work to develop policy recommendations at the state or district level while learning how to mobilize their peers around critical issues impacting students and the teaching profession. 
Teach Plus Teaching Policy Fellows have:
  • Testified in front of the California State Board of Education regarding tenure practices. (March 2017) 
  • Conducted a survey on over 500 California principals’ views on teacher layoff policies, published in the report “Not So Golden: Principals’ Views on California Teacher Layoff Policies.” (February 2016)
  • Met with President Barack Obama in the Oval Office to discuss over-testing in American schools (October 2015)
  • Led a first-of-its-kind “Testing the Test” event which brought together LA teachers to critically examine the Smarter Balanced assessments (May 2015) and published a brief, “Towards Smarter Tests: California Teachers Examine Next Generation SBAC Assessments.” (September 2015)
  • Been published in the Huffington Post, the Modesto Bee, the Sacramento Bee, the Education Post and many other media outlets.