Instructional Leadership Programs Indiana

The Teach Plus instructional leadership programs grow excellent teachers’ skills to use and analyze data, make evidence-based decisions about teaching and learning, and shape professional development for their peers.


Teach Plus teacher leaders create change needed in schools to advance equity and improve outcomes for students.

What do Teacher Leaders do?

  • Identify a problem of practice and determine where to focus their leadership and growth in order to create solutions.
  • Learn and master skills in key attributes of teacher leadership, including how to focus on what matters, skillfully facilitate adult learners, turn data into actionable knowledge, and ensure sustainable change in instructional practice. 
  • Shape and guide instruction, gathering input from fellow educators on effective practices and ensuring that their decisions are rooted in evidence. 
  • Collaborate with peers and build a community of educators dedicated to positive change on behalf of their students. 
  • Identify opportunities to share leadership with their principal and with other school and district leaders, working towards lasting systemic change across schools and networks. 
  • Improve instructional practice and academic outcomes for students. 

Meet our Teacher Leaders

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