Pennsylvania Teacher Network

Teach Plus Pennsylvania is excited to expand our collaborative efforts with teachers who want to be active in educational policy.

What is the Teach Plus Pennsylvania Teacher Network?

As a Teach Plus PA Network teacher, you will receive training on policy and advocacy, have an opportunity to advocate on behalf of your students, learn about teacher leadership opportunities and awards, and collaborate with other education champions from your region and throughout the state.

Through our Teacher Networks, Teach Plus engages with a community of educators to gather their input on key educational issues in their state and engage them in advocacy efforts to improve the teaching profession and outcomes for students. Network members gain access to Teach Plus training and learning sessions, inform policymakers, and engage in advocacy to increase equitable opportunities for students.


  • Be a current or retired teacher in Pennsylvania
  • Be willing to participate in one Teach Plus activity such as: taking a poll/survey, giving written/verbal testimony, and/or attending a Teach Plus event 
  • Be willing to participate in quarterly check-ins/trainings
Five teachers of color pose for photo

What do we do?

Teach Plus trains teachers in understanding education policy as a lever for student success, community organizing, leveraging their voices in both media and the legislature, and more. Teach Plus works to create opportunities for teachers to contribute to the discussions and action that directly impacts their profession at the policy level while maintaining their essential role as a classroom educator. 

How does it work?

Teach Plus recruits and selects Teach Plus PA Network teachers from across the state to participate in the network experience. You will become part of a larger movement of teacher leadership, and help share your expertise with policymakers and mobilize your peers around top issues impacting the teaching profession in Pennsylvania. PA Network teachers will have a light-touch experience of the Policy Fellowship and will have an opportunity to apply for future Policy Fellowships.

Opportunities as a Network Teacher

  • Attend high quality virtual (in-person as appropriate) training events on understanding educational policy, teacher leadership, etc.
  • Talk with education decision makers, including state legislators
  • Stay up to date on Teach Plus Pennsylvania’s research, recommendations, and advocacy work
  • Learn about teacher leadership opportunities and awards
  • Attend Teach Plus events as available
  • Learn about and stay updated on educational bills during the Legislative Session

Nationally and locally, Teach Plus Policy Fellows have:

  • Met with district and state legislators to advocate for policies that benefit their students.
  • Shaped state plans across the U.S. for the Every Student Succeeds Act
  • Joined U.S. Secretaries of Education as part of the U.S. Department of Education’s official delegation to the International Summit on the Teaching Profession
  • Been published or featured in Education Week, the Associated Press, major local news publications, and have appeared on National Public Radio and local and national and local television outlets

Application Process

Part 1 – Written Application

The written application asks you to complete general demographic information, choice and short responses. Applications are ongoing.

Part 2 – Selection

You will be notified if you have been selected to join the Teach Plus PA Teacher Network. If accepted, you will have an opportunity to attend in-person and virtual training events and participate in local/ state advocacy efforts, including opportunities to attend the Legislative Session.

Join the Network

Collaborate with other champion educators from your region and throughout the state.

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