Teach Plus Indiana Policy Fellowship

Equipping teachers to be advocates for teachers and students across Indiana.

The Teach Plus Indiana Policy Fellowship is a selective leadership opportunity available to high quality teachers across the state. We invite you to apply if you are a great teacher looking to deepen your knowledge of education policy and gain a voice in decisions that affect Indiana’s students and the teaching profession.

What is the Teach Plus Policy Fellowship?

  • Fellows expand their influence without leaving the classroom, starting in June 2024 and concluding in June 2025.
  • Fellows participate in monthly sessions (virtual, with smaller advocacy group meetings, and two in-person training sessions).
  • Fellows receive training through expert-led modules and direct engagement with key stakeholders. No prior policy experience required.
  • Fellows receive a stipend for their commitment.

What does Teach Plus do?

Teach Plus builds teachers’ understanding of education policy and promotes teacher voice. We work to create and connect teachers to opportunities to lead in real ways at the policy level. Fellows are trained through expert-led modules and direct engagement with key stakeholders in our monthly virtual sessions that focus on:

During the 2024-25 school year, the Fellows will collectively dive into timely policy issues like literacy and the implementation of science of reading, accountability and the role of schools/teachers, teacher preparation and professional development, school funding, and whole child learning support. Our vision is to be proactive in elevating the reality of the classroom, while remaining nimble in response to our state’s landscape.

How does it work?

Teach Plus recruits and selects Policy Fellows from across the state to participate in a selective cohort experience and works to bridge the gap between teachers and key stakeholders and policymakers in Indiana. As a Fellow, you will become part of a larger movement of teacher leadership while learning how to mobilize your peers around critical issues impacting equity for students and the teaching profession in Indiana. You will work in groups with fellow teachers to advocate on behalf of your students.

Our Teach Plus Indiana Policy Fellows have:

  • Met with Indiana legislators and staff, testified at hearings, and proposed policy solutions to the Indiana General Assembly.
  • Successfully advocated for policy changes related to such topics as the science of reading and teacher scholarship programs.
  • Conducted research using surveys and focus groups.
  • Wrote op-eds that were published in media outlets including Indianapolis Business Journal, Chalkbeat, and Education Week.
  • Published policy briefs on key issues that include teacher retention, evaluation, compensation, preparation programs, and student social justice.

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