Policy Fellowship

Teach Plus Policy Fellows work to improve laws and policies at the school, district, and state levels.

The Teach Plus Policy Fellowship is a highly selective, rigorous program for excellent teachers who want to deepen their knowledge, expand their influence, and lead in shaping education policy and advocacy.

In our Policy Fellowship, Teach Plus teacher leaders begin by exploring their individual leadership stories, experiences with students, and personal connection to advancing systems
change and equity in education.

  • Teacher leaders learn how to think like policymakers by exploring how policy is made through meeting decision makers, formulating policy objectives and positions, and identifying strategies for impact.
  • Teacher leaders then focus on developing their research skills and engaging in the inquiry process to investigate, inform, and support policy issues and positions. They use surveys, focus groups, and other methods and collaborate with fellow educators in their Fellowship’s working groups to develop research-based recommendations for change.
  • With Teach Plus’s training and support, teacher leaders author policy memos and briefs that spotlight their recommendations. They share these with decision makers and the public via testimony, meetings with policymakers, and op-eds and through advocacy campaigns aimed at changing laws and policies at the school, district, state, and federal level that improve equity and opportunities for students—during their Fellowship and beyond.

Current Policy Fellowships