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Teaching Policy Fellowship Massachusetts

Teach Plus Massachusetts offers two Teaching Policy Fellowships to outstanding teachers in the state looking to deepen their knowledge of education policy and gain a voice in decisions that directly affect students and the teaching profession.

Launched in 2009, the Greater Boston Teaching Policy Fellowship offers excellent teachers an unprecedented opportunity to influence key education policy issues. 

Launched in 2016, the Commonwealth Policy Fellowship trains teachers to engage with state legislators and advocate for change at the state level. 

Greater Boston Teaching Policy Fellowship: The Impact

Greater Boston Fellows publish policy briefs, author op-eds, and provide testimony on key issues such as college and career-ready assessments, equitable access to highly-effective teachers, the school-to-prison pipeline, and more.  Their recent report provides recommendations on how Massachusetts can leveraging ESSA to support teacher leadership. Policy Fellows have:

  • Designed the T3 Initiative, a program that has engaged outstanding teacher leaders to transform their schools in Massachusetts, Washington, D.C., Indiana, and Tennessee.
  • Helped to shape the overhaul of the educator evaluation system in the state.
  • Served as a part of a coalition of Boston teachers who successfully advocated to change Boston Teachers Union bylaws to permit absentee voting.
  • Created the Core Collaborative (C2), which engages teacher leaders to train fellow teachers on the Common Core, and more.

The Greater Boston Teaching Policy Fellowship Experience

The Fellowship brings together highly-qualified current classroom teachers in monthly in-person meetings to focus on the following:

  • Education Policy Training:  All Fellowship meetings include a policy training module presented by an expert in the field.  Topics include:
    • Education policy as a lever for student success
    • Advocacy, including op-ed writing, testifying, and speaking with elected officials and members of the media
    • Current and relevant issues in education policy
  • Direct Engagement with Key Education Policy Makers: Fellowship meetings typically include a discussion with a leading policy maker.   In the past, Fellows have met with the Secretary of Education in Massachusetts Jim Peyser, Commissioner of Education Mitchell Chester, and Revere Superintendent Dianne Kelly among many others.  Fellows have also had the opportunity to meet one-on-one with policy makers on the federal and state level. Fellows have met with Senator Elizabeth Warren and Representative Sonia Chang-Diaz. 
  • Development/Advocacy of Education Policy: Fellows work in small groups around a particular area of policy interest to shape and develop education policy that elevates the teaching profession and meets the needs of urban students.  In the past, groups of Fellows have worked on policy briefs related to Common Core, teacher preparation, and equity issues, among others.

Our Fellows are recognized across Massachusetts as leaders within their schools, districts, and communities.

  • Three Fellows have been named State Teacher of the Year 
  • One TNTP Fishman Prize winner and three finalists  
  • Several Fellows have served on the DESE Teachers Cabinet