Teach Plus Applauds Child Care for Working Families Act

Teach Plus Applauds Child Care for Working Families Act

BOSTON, MA― Teach Plus today endorsed the new Child Care for Working Families Act, as introduced by Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) and Representative Bobby Scott (D-VA).    

“This legislation is an important step forward toward providing every one of our youngest learners the opportunity to prepare early for success later in school and in life,” said Teach Plus CEO Roberto Rodriguez. “Our nation’s teachers know just how important high quality early education is to our nation’s future. We are proud to enthusiastically endorse this important and necessary legislation.”

Teach Plus Illinois State Policy Fellow Kali Skiles, who teaches early childhood in a blended classroom in the Round Lake Early Education Center, said: “Statistics show that children who receive high quality early childhood education are less likely to need special education support, more likely to graduate from high school, and more likely to be employed as adults.  Early childhood has one of the highest returns on investment, in some cases as high as 13 to 16 percent.  If there were a mutual fund with a promised return rate of 16 percent, it would be on the cover of every financial magazine. It would be foolish not to invest in it. If it’s a good enough investment for our retirement funds, it’s a good enough investment for our children and our country’s future.”

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