Teach Plus Applauds President Biden for Historic Investments in Proposed 2023 Budget

Teach Plus Applauds President Biden for Historic Investments in Proposed 2023 Budget

Washington, DC, March 29, 2022—Teach Plus today issued the following statement on President Biden’s proposed budget for fiscal year 2023.

“Teach Plus and Teach Plus teacher leaders commend President Biden and his Administration for proposing a series of critical investments in teachers, students, and the teaching profession in the 2023 budget. In the past year, Teach Plus teacher leaders have held multiple conversations with the Biden Administration about the state of the American education system and how to improve it. We are excited that the president’s budget reflects these conversations and the voices of Teach Plus teacher leaders across the nation by prioritizing investments in Title I, student mental health, early childhood education, recruitment and retention of educators, teacher diversity, and teacher leadership.

Teach Plus has heard from countless teacher leaders across the nation who have experienced hardships and heartache alongside their students during the COVID pandemic and who are continuing to face many challenges on the road to recovery. We know that students of color, students with disabilities, and those in underserved communities have been the most affected. We appreciate the Biden Administration’s proposed investment of $1 billion in student mental health and are pleased to see the president more than double Title I funding for high-poverty schools.

We are also excited to see the president prioritize a diverse teacher pipeline by proposing support for the Augustus Hawkins Centers of Excellence grant program that invests in teacher preparation programs at Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Tribal Colleges and Universities, and Minority-Serving Institutions.

Teach Plus and Teach Plus teacher leaders look forward to a continued dialogue with the Biden Administration to support, equip, and improve American schools by increasing teacher diversity in our classrooms, empowering teachers and their leadership, and supporting the mental health of every student in our country.”

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