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Instructional Leadership Programs Pennsylvania

What is T3?
The T3 (Turnaround Teacher Teams) Initiative is an innovative teacher leadership program for high-need schools.  Through T3, Teach Plus trains and supports experienced, effective teachers to become T3 Teacher Leaders, preparing them to lead their peers in improving instructional practice and accelerating student outcomes. 

In 2017, Teach Plus launched the T3 Initiative at five schools in Philadelphia, including: 

  • Cayuga Elementary
  • James R. Lowell Elementary
  • Alexander K. McClure Elementary
  • Bayard Taylor Elementary
  • B.B. Comegys School 
What does Teach Plus do?
Teach Plus trains and supports T3 Teacher Leaders to develop their leadership skills and become purpose-driven instructional leaders, skillful facilitators of adult learning, schoolwide change agents, evidence-based decision makers, and more.  We work to empower skilled teachers to lead their peers in advancing the goals of their schools, and in turn advancing student outcomes, without having to ever leave their classrooms.  In Philadelphia, we are focusing on K-3 literacy to build on the work of the district and other partners. 
How does it work?
Teach Plus recruited and selected Teacher Leaders from five eligible schools in Philadelphia to lead their peers in the T3 Initiative.  Each Teacher Leader is leading a grade-level team to improve literacy instruction and outcomes for all of their students.  Teacher Leaders receive targeted training, support, and feedback from school-embedded coaches, as well as year-round collaboration and learning with their cohort of school- and district-based Teacher Leaders.