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Instructional Leadership Programs Pennsylvania

What is T3?

T3 is an innovative teacher leadership program that trains, coaches, and supports experienced, effective teachers to lead teams of peers to improve student academic outcomes across grade levels.

Through support from the William Penn Foundation and Neubauer Family Foundation, T3 serves 36 teacher leaders in grades K-8 in five schools:

  • Cayuga Elementary
  • James R. Lowell Elementary
  • Alexander K. McClure Elementary
  • Bayard Taylor Elementary
  • B.B. Comegys School
What does Teach Plus do?
Teach Plus coaches train and support T3 Teacher Leaders to develop their leadership skills and become skillful facilitators of adult learning. Each Teacher Leader receives individualized coaching along with cohort-based and cross-school professional development to develop as instructional leaders. Additionally, Teach Plus coaches support principals and district leaders in developing culture, systems and structures for shared leadership, and to build capacity to replicate and sustain teacher leadership across schools and over time.
How does it work?
Teach Plus recruited and selected Teacher Leaders from five eligible schools in Philadelphia to lead their peers in the T3 Initiative.  Each Teacher Leader is leading a grade-level team to improve instructional practices and outcomes for all of their students. 
In the first three years of the T3 program in Philadelphia:
  • 95% of teachers on T3 grade teams agreed that “our team consistently uses data to inform our instructional decisions.”
  • 100% of teams implemented & documented new instructional practices during 2018-19.
  • As a group, T3 schools grew faster than the School District of Philadelphia as a whole and a control group of schools (designated by SDP for performance comparison) on district anchor goals.
“Teach Plus is a big deal for us. The Teach Plus grant has been instrumental in creating leadership opportunities for teachers. It’s because we believe in the future teacher leaders and their ability to lead change.” - Sharon Marino, T3 Partner Principal, Alexander McClure Elementary
“The Teach Plus program has made our teachers feel more empowered and has raised staff morale. Teachers feel they have much more voice.”- David Laver, T3 Partner Principal, Bayard Taylor Elementary