Bryan Monroy

California Policy Manager

Bryan Monroy

Bryan (he/him) is the Teach Plus California Policy Manager and leads the Teach Plus California Policy Fellowship as it equips teachers with the skills to influence educational policy at the state and local level and empowers them to advocate for equitable educational reform.

He is a proud alum of Teach Plus’s Policy Fellowship and Emergent Bilingual Change Agent Program where he advocated for the socioemotional needs of educators and helped develop and implement a literacy support framework for English Language Learners in high school science classrooms, respectively.

For the past 10 years, Bryan has worked as an educator in both public and charter high schools in Los Angeles County. He has taught Chemistry, Physics, AP Physics 1, and AP Physics 2. Bryan earned a B.S. in Physics from Harvey Mudd College, and a Master’s in Education from California State University, Los Angeles through the Los Angeles Urban Teacher Residency Program.

Bryan is passionate about making science accessible for all students, advancing equity in education, and supporting the socioemotional needs of educators. In his spare time, he enjoys baking, hiking, and raising 3 beautiful pomskies.