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Teach Plus Pennsylvania

+ Teach Plus PA launched in 2017 with the T3 program in the School District of Philadelphia, where T3 teacher leaders receive Teach Plus coaching and support to lead their grade teams and improve student outcomes. In the first three years, T3 partner schools improved faster than the district average and developed systems of shared leadership.

+ In 2020, Teach Plus PA renewed its T3 partnership with the School District of Philadelphia and launched new instructional practice programs with Independence Mission Schools and Chester Arthur Elementary School.   

+ The Teach Plus PA Teacher Policy Advisory Board launched in 2020, with Fellows focusing on equitable funding, and recruitment and retention of teachers of color.


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Pennsylvania Teacher Policy Advisory Board

Learn about our policy and advocacy program for Pennsylvania teachers.

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T3 Program

Learn about our teacher-led professional learning program in the School District of Philadelphia.

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Pennsylvania Teacher Network

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